Imaging and mapping walls and floors with GPR

The cost of drilling or cutting through concrete floors, walls or ceilings can be very high, if you don't know what is underneath the surface. In bad cases some or all of the plans of a building are missing, then itís impossible to find out where are the places, where you don't want to cut or core at all. In other cases the implementation is not perfectly the same as it can be seen on the plan. The small differences can be very important, if you cut or core. The GPR technology offers a great solution to the problem of locating objects in concrete. Our GPR technicians are able to map rebar reinforcements and tension cables, locate conduits and structure elements. They can identify cavities and voids in the walls and slabs. The thickness of concrete is also measureable. The investigation depth is depending on the materials of the location and the used frequency. For the purpose of wall and concrete inspection high resolution antennas are used, whose maximal investigation depth is about 0.5 meter.
If you are not sure where to cut or core contact us.